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The Space Adventures Of General Mibi

The Space Adventures Of General Mibi is a space opera composed entirely for the Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth soundfont as a tribute to 90s MIDI music.

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Splinter Zone OST

Soundtrack for the indie game Splinter Zone, a run-and-shoot inspired by Mega Man 9's endless mode. Composed entirely in the Amiga MOD format.

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music for people and their games

Short collection of assorted tracks made for indie games over the years.

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code & tech

Computer Fairies

Furry and queer-oriented safe-space Mastodon instance open to the public.



Work on several programming languages and hobbyist embedded/EE projects.


You are a maplebot!

Short Twine game about being a tiny robot looking for your recharging station.

misc content


I post drawings I make here sometimes! My current weapon of choice is my Thinkpad X61t running Krita.


squirrel-chan's fuck-up hour

A webshow where i try to play a game i've never played before every week, thursdays at 23:00 UTC!

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Do you like the work that I do? Please consider donating, it'll be greatly appreciated, and it helps me keep being able to continue working from home while I finish university, as well as keeping my systems running!

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