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portrait commissions

"Finder Icons"

32x32 2-color (black and white or any 2 high-contrasting colors), turnaround up to a couple of days

  • USD 20 - base

PNG export at 800% with added 2px border, other formats by request

self angela

"MS-DOS Executive"

96x96 16-color CGA palette, turnaround up to around 2 weeks

  • USD 40 - base
  • USD 20 - custom animated background
  • USD 10 - custom palette requests (max 16 colors)

PNG export at 600%, other formats by request

taylor angela-eyefix mist

raccoon skintone-study

ordering info

payment in advance through, in order of preference:

  • Wise (direct, US ACH transfer or UK bank transfer)
  • US wire transfer
  • PayPal (i will request an equivalent amount converted to BRL plus fees)

i will need:

  • reference pictures
  • any details you'd like (clothing, specific choice in palette for skintone, etc)

i can make portraits without references from a description for an extra agreed upon fee

i'm also available to make pixel art for larger projects (contract work), feel free to contact me with details

contact me via maple at maple dot pet or mavica#3896 on discord